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Impregnation Process Methods

Cardinal Metal Finishing offers the following types of Casting Impregnation processes:

Dry Vacuum Pressure Impregnation

This process requires two process tanks. The advantage to this type of process is there is no liquid present during the initial vacuum stage to interfere with pulling gases from the pores. The pressure step is beneficial in forcing the sealant into the pores. This type of process is excellent in sealing extremely small porosity.

Wet Vacuum Pressure Impregnation

This process only requires one process tank. Parts are submerged in the sealant which remains in the process tank at all times. The vacuum is applied to the parts and sealant together, followed by pressurization with air. The process retains the pressure step, but does not use the dry vacuum.

Wet Vacuum Impregnation

This is the simplest and fastest of the casting impregnation processes. It is similar to the VP method, except the tank is not pressurized. Penetration of the resin into the parts takes place at atmospheric pressure.