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Shot Peening

What is shot peening?

Shot peening is primarily used to increase fatigue life by bombarding the surface of the part with small spheres of uniform media that induce compressive stresses. The shot peen process is similar to repeatedly and evenly hammering a surface with a ball peen hammer.

Shot peening is used primarily to prevent fatigue failures that originate on the surface of a part. Small indentations or dimples form on the surface and the metal immediately below those indentations tries to resist further compression, creating what's known as residual compressive stress. Fatigue cracks generally will not initiate in a compressively stressed area, so part life is extended.

Shot peening is different that Shot Blasting, which is a surface finishing technique that involves rapidly impacting the surface of an object with a controlled stream of abrasive material.

Consistency, repeatability, and uniformity

We maintain consistency, repeatability and uniformity on each part by incorporating several controls in our Shot Peen Services:

Flexible, versatile shot peening systems

Our Shot Peening Systems use blast wheels to offer a high level of flexibility and process reliability, especially for larger series and larger work pieces such as:

At Cardinal Metal Finishing our highly skilled quality and engineering specialists working together to assure that are met or exceeded. Our process controls are your assurance that shot peened parts will maintain consistency, repeatability and uniformity.